TV Repair

If you like to watch live football or baseball matches, you surely want to watch them with your friend on a big television. Suppose you have big baseball math live, and the tv breaks down. Now you cannot enjoy your game. We can help you out with this problem. We have expert technicians who will help you concerning any television repair services like tv LCD repair. CRT tv repair led tv repair. IC repair for television etc., we have professional staff with years of experience. If you are facing any issues with parts of your television, like you broke your tv and brought it to some repair shop and now they are saying that they don’t have the necessary part, don’t worry, that no problem with us, we have reliable suppliers, so we don’t face any part shortage issues. We make sure that we provide our clients with the best tv repair services possible at FixFactor.

Quality Services

We prefer quality over price, so if we have two parts that can solve the same problem, one is expensive, and the other is cheap. The expensive one comes with a warranty and is reliable, but the cheap one is of no trust, we will use the part which comes with a guarantee because there is a saying that “buy good buy once”.

Fair Pricing

We believe in fair prices. Because we are honest to our customers and ourselves as well, what some other shops do is. If you have a broken tv, they will tell you that this tv has a lot of damage, you will have to replace the whole circuit board, or the tv is of no use now, you should sell it to us and stuff like that, when the problem is fairly small which can be solved in no time, they want to get money out of you. But at FixFactor, we care about our customer’s wallet and their customer experience as well.