TCL TV Repair Service

TCL TV Repair Service

TCL is an electronics brand which provides consumer electronics in all of the United States. If you own any of their electronics then you will know that they provide high quality products in low prices. The worst part about their products is that they are not easy to get repaired.

Any electronic can get damaged but the hustle of finding a TCL tv repair service and then getting it repaired is the worst part. Suppose you bought a new tv a month ago and now all of a sudden it turned of and is not showing any thing.

Your first instinct will be to call the shop from which you bought it from. They will tell you that the warranty period has passed and the repair cast is just not worth it. So, you will have to drop another grand od or two to buy a brand new tv. Don’t do that, just type “TCL TV Repair near me”. You will find Fix Factor at the very top.

TCL TV Repair Service

You can call us from there and we will be available to provide you with the best TCL Roku tv black screen fix. We will tell you if it’s a motherboard issue or you need a TCL screen replacement. The best part about our company is that we provide repairing service for every kind of electronics and the prices are also very budget friendly.

TLC TV Black Screen Fix

When a tv stops working then there are 3 things that could be causing the problem:

  • The power supply of the TV
  • The Control Board
  • The Screen
  • The Backlight

The Power Supply of the TV

If your TV seems to be broken or not working then first of all don’t mess with it by yourself. Don’t open it or try to repair in by yourself. You can break something else instead of fixing the problem. The best thing to do is to bring it to an expert.

The experts always know what to do to get it running again. If the power supply of the tv is broken then it will need to be replaced because they can not be repaired. At Fix Factor, we have trained professional who can repair your tv for you in the best possible way, in the minimum time frame and in the best prices. So, don’t waste any time and give us a call immediately at (833) 349-3228.

The Control Board

The control board or the motherboard is an other part which can get bad if there is any short in the circuit. The control board are repairable but not always. Most of the board of the very tv are available online and they can be pretty cheap as well depending on the brand and the model of your tv.

At Fix Factor we have replacement parts available for our clients at ever instance. If you want to get the control board of your tv replaced or repaired then get in touch with us. We will do this job for you.

The Screen

If the TCL Tv screen is not turning on then then best TCL black screen fix is to get a TCL TV screen replacement service because most of the time screens are not repairable. It is because the screens of TVs are lcd and the they are made of different layers of plastic.

If any of the layer gets damaged or the connection points gets damaged then there is no way of getting them fixed because it will need extreme precision which can only be gotten with the help of robots, but then the repair will be very costly and would not be worth the TCL TV screen repair. At FixFactor we provide the best advise for your tv repair and the best TCL repair service as well. So, contact us immediately.

The Backlight

Every LCD TV has a backlight. This light is the only source of light for the tv. If the backlight is burned then you will need to get TCL 32 inch tv screen replacement for your tv. But if the backlight is repairable then you can get TCL backlight repair service.

The TV backlight repair cost is not too much if the damage is not too much. But if the while light is burnt then the cost is not worth the repair and you should definitely buy a new screen for the tv. So, if you want you tv backlight to get repaired or replaced, then get in touch with Fix Factor. We will be more than happy to provide you with top-notch repair service and you will also be happy because of the good quality customer service.