Some Hidden Features You Must Know About a Smart Watch

Without touching the iPhone, people can handle notifications, make calls, and even utilize apps. Today, we will discuss some hidden features of a smartwatch. The health and fitness elements will assist in maintaining fitness. However, the Watch is much more than the Activity app, Notification Center, and watch faces. It does have many features. People may not be aware of all of them as new users. Today, the g shock smartwatch and many others are very common and popular. Check out our collection of hidden functions below to get the most out of the gadget.

If anyone possesses one of these, here are the most useful hidden features of a smart watch:

  • Find My Phone
  • Track a Child's Location
  • Safety Concerns for the Elderly
  • Send SOS Requests
  • Customize Faces
  • Avoid Accidental Swipes and Taps
  • Transfer a Call to iPhone

Find My Phone

People will never have to worry about losing their phone again, thanks to the built-in Find My Phone app. Tap the magnifying glass symbol to open it from the applications library. To help a person locate a phone, it should begin to ring loudly. If anyone is not near his phone, tap the three dots to the symbol's right, then hit Locate phone to check its location and geo-locate it. These are built-in smart Watches for women and men with the latest sleek designs.

Track a Child's Location

kid's smart Watch with a GPS module can track the children's whereabouts. Many safe ones like this are already on the market, so we know possible. People will add a pair of parent-child gadgets to the mix, with a feature that we are sure many parents would like. When this gadget combo is enabled or engaged, it will alert if a child has walked too far in a crowded environment. It is like a wireless, less contentious, and unseen version of what some children wear.

Safety Concerns for the Elderly

While we are on the issue, let us extend this tracking capacity to Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers who might walk off and forget how to return. A tracking module will assist such people's families in swiftly locating them to avoid undesirable events. The smart watchmen can also serve as a notification center for medication management, including a reminder module for when to take specific medications and when to restock prescriptions.

Send SOS Requests

If anyone frequently finds themselves walking in a dark parking lot after work or in unfamiliar areas, he should be aware of the Send SOS Requests feature on the Samsung smart gadget. If a person enables this option, he can press the home button three times to have the smart-watch phone an emergency contact to alert them that he is in trouble. Open the app on the phone, then tap Send SOS requests > Send SOS messages to and enter the emergency contact you want to use. So, for protection, the correct use of smart watch women is the best option.

Customize Faces

People may try out a wide range of faces on Samsung's Galaxy Store. However, they may wish for a different color for a specific element or wish to replace the entire widget. Depending on the developer, anyone can personalize faces. Most of the preloaded Samsung faces, for example, can be somewhat customized. People can change the dial's style, font colors, and more using these. If none of the preinstalled ones appeal to you, we have previously discussed some excellent Samsung Gear watch faces. If available, the Customize button will display at the top of the Galaxy Wearable app's Faces tab. Make sure you have this installed to get the most out of the rest of my suggestions.

Avoid Accidental Swipes and Taps

The Samsung smart watch can track the swims, make phone calls, and send texts to contacts. As people may expect, combining these two features is not a good idea. Turn on Water Lock mode to avoid mistakenly phoning someone or executing other unpleasant actions while swimming. When anyone is in the water, it effectively locks down it and prevents any inadvertent touches. If still has any problem with the touch, contact some professional for smart watch screen repair. Moreover, let them help you to know about this feature.

Transfer a Call to iPhone

Quickly answering calls is very convenient. However, fast calls can sometimes evolve into lengthy discussions so that people may switch to the iPhone for better clarity. It is really easy to switch calls between the apple watch and iPhone (if you have the Handoff feature enabled). Pick up a phone and tap the green icon on the top when anyone calls on the apple watch. It will activate the phone app and transfer the call to an iPhone.


In conclusion, we hope that readers now know many hidden features of the smart Watch. It aids in time management, health routine, daily tasks management, and many more. They can assist in keeping track of happenings in life. It is an elegant solution designed to be, with stripped-down and naked data given to the wrist on a device that can be with you at all times, keeping you hands-free yet connected. If any function is not working appropriately, people should contact someone for smartwatch repair. Many people search for smartwatch repair near me daily, highlighting the importance of its daily usage.