Smart Watch

Smart Watch Repair

Smartwatches have also made their way into the consumer market. Unfortunately, there are very few smartwatches repair shops in the market. The most common damage to a smartwatch is screen breakage. Most of the people who are using a smartwatch are using apple watches. According to Google, the most complicated device to repair in 2021 is the apple watch. But the technicians at FixFactor are very experienced and competent in smartwatches repair. They improve smartwatch with very professional methods. If you try to fix smartwatch by yourself, you will get a hundred percent mess up and break the replacement glass, 3d touch, or the battery cable of the apple watch.

Smart Watch Touch Screen Replacement

Touch screens are exceptionally delicate, and the touch screens of a smartwatch are very fragile and small. Smartwatches are very compact machines, which makes to repair smart watch tough. To repair a smartwatch very efficiently, you need a couple of professional tools like a heat gun, a heating plate, a pry tool, and mini screwdrivers, etc., when you want to open the glass panel. It would be best if you heated the glass panel with a heat gun at low heat. The adhesive used in apple watches is powerful because it is waterproof. It would be best if you pried open the screen after heating it with the heat gun. When the screen is lifted, you need to disconnect the battery first. Then it would be best if you disconnected the screen connector using a tweezer. After that, there is a 3d touch sensor ribbon. Carefully remove it, and then you are good to go to replace the screen with a new one. The professionals at FixFactor will do it for you, so you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Smart watch battery replacement

The battery of a smartwatch lasts longer than a mobile phone battery because the screen is not that brighter, and the size of the screen is small. But the intelligent watch battery dies as well. The battery of the smartwatch is tiny. It is a lithium-ion battery. We provide the best smartwatch repair service in town. The batteries we use for the replacement are of high quality so that the watch can count your step the whole day. If you want to get in touch with us, please type smartwatch battery replacement near me and call us from there.

Good price

The smartwatch repair shops charge a lot to repair the smartwatch because the process is complicated. But at FixFactor, we make sure that our services don’t get very heavy on your pocket. we offer the best price to service ratio in charlotte.