Phone Repair Service

Everyone has probably broken their smartphone once in their life. And it is the worst feeling of all time to see your phone's non-functional because a mobile phone nowadays has become a necessity instead of a luxury. A lot of people rely on their smartphones for their businesses. A lot of students use their smartphones for their studies. And a lot of people use it to connect with their loved ones. In such a case not being able to use your cell phone is a very big problem. now you will need a phone repair service. At FixFactor mobile repair, we have professional staff who will take care of your device in such a way that you will love it. Our high train and experienced technicians make sure that no broken device gets out of the shop. We work on all android and iOS devices. So, we always have all the needed parts in stock. We offer fantastic prices for cellphone repair in our shop, and the best part is that every screen repair comes with a guarantee.

Services We Offer

FixFactor staffs professional and experienced employees. Our staff always knows how to fix your device. Because our staff has a minimum experience of 5 years in this field. That is why we provide every mobile phone repair service.

Some of our popular services are mentioned below :

  • Screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Headphone jack repair
  • Charging port repair
  • Phone Speaker repair

Screen Repair Service

Screen repair service is the most used phone repair service in the whole world. Because people drop their phone now and then and the glass screen shatters into pieces. At FixFactor we provide a reliable phone screen repair service, which is backed up by our warranty as well. We will make sure that the job overall is not messy. The glue will not be sticking out of the screen. We will make sure that the panel does not lift or crack. The screen replacement comes with a guarantee.

Cracked Glass Repair

Sometimes the phone is dropped from such an angle that the top glass breaks into pieces but the actual display and touch underneath it remains intact, so, that’s sort of good news because top screen glass repair is not that expensive. And we provide the best top glass repair service in the area.

Battery Replacement

The battery is the most important of the phone after the screen. Without a battery, the phone cannot function, and the battery replacement is the only thing that you are worried about throughout the day. So, your phone needs to have a good quality battery in it. The health of the battery can affect your phone directly. If the battery is of low health and you are using an android repair shop. Then you will have little to no worries. But if the phone is an iPhone, then you will have to change the battery as soon as possible. We provide some of the best quality OEM iPhone batteries in the area.

Headphone Jack Repair

Sometimes what happens is that, if you pull too hard on the cable of the headphone at an angle then the solder from the base of the headphone jack can loosen up. But it is an easy fix and we can do n for you in the minimum time frame. We provide fast phone repair service

Charging Port Repair

You probably charge your phone a couple of times a day. You play games while charging. Children watch videos on the phone while charging. The charging port of a phone can loosen up after rough use and can break as well. We can replace the charging port of your phone for you. We are the best cellphone repair shop.

Phone Speaker Repair

Mobile phone speakers have a small wire mesh on the open end, so after being in your crumbly pocket. the speakers can get muffled dome times. We can clean the speakers of your phone without damaging them, they will sound just as new.

Excellent Prices

A lot of phone repair near me shops will do because they will not give you original parts and will get money from you for original parts. Or they will overall do noting and will ask you to pay for a repair. Many phone repair companies also do scams like your speaker is not working because the sound is muffled and you think that the speaker is broken. You typed on google phone repair shop near me and went to the nearest shop, and you told them the speaker is not working fine, and you waited in the lobby. They opened the phone to see the problem. They found out that there is a little dust in the speaker, they clean it, and the speaker works fine, now they are telling you that they have changed the speaker because old eth one was broken. This is a scam. At FixFactor, we make sure that our technicians are honest with you and charge you only for what they have done for you.