PC Motherboard Repair Service

PC Motherboard Repair Service

The motherboard is like a brain of a computer. It works like a highway for the data that needs to be transferred between the CPU and all the other computer components back and forth. There are different types of MacBook motherboards depending on the size and the versatility of the computer. Every device that does even a little bit of processing has a motherboard on it with a processor mounted or soldered. There are not many ways in which a motherboard can get damage on its own or accidentally. But sometimes bad luck catches to you, and the board gets damaged.

In this case, you will need to get pc logic board repair service as soon as possible because if you wait for long after the damage, it can have a terrible impact on the board, or it can cause damage to other parts of the computer as well. How your motherboard can get damaged are as follows.

  • Water Damage
  • Bloated Capacitor
  • CPU Solder Issue
  • Motherboard Battery
  • Faulty Slots

Water Damage

Every electronic device can get damaged with water. But the water does not do the damage because pure water does not conduct electricity. The damage is caused by the minerals and salts dissolved in water. If you ever spill some liquid over the motherboard of the laptop or CPU, then immediately turn the device off and pull the battery out if you can. It will minimize the time of water damage. If you want any motherboard repair service for your computer or laptop's motherboard, get in touch with us. We will please provide you a reliable pc motherboard repair service because we know the pain of a broken laptop or computer.

Bloated Capacitor

Every MacBook air motherboard has some capacitors on it. These capacitors store charge, and it plays a crucial role in making the motherboard work. These capacitors do not get damaged easily, and they usually have a very long life, but sometimes they get damaged, and the device stops working. It gets logy and sometimes refuses to turn on. These capacitors bloat because of the continuous charging and discharging of the capacitors for long periods. The only solution to this problem is to remove the old capacitors and replace them with some new one. If the capacitors cannot be replaceable, then the whole motherboard needs to be replaced. At FixFactor, we can replace the capacitors of your laptop for you.

CPU Solder Issue

In a computer, the CPU or the processor is placed on the motherboard and is held there using locks. But on laptops, the processor is soldered to the board. So, when the laptop is dropped, the processor can move from its place and stop working correctly. If the laptop heats up too much, then the solder of the processor can melt as well and can cause damage not only to the CPU but can cause damage to other components of the computer. So, it would be best to bring the laptop into our shop whenever you feel the issue. If you want to find our company online, then type motherboard repair near me, and we will be here to provide you laptop motherboard repair service. You can call us from there or get the address of our shop.

Motherboard Battery

Most people don't know, but every apple logic board has a flat battery in it. It continuously powers the board to keep the time and the boot setting in the storage. A cell in it is managed by a quartz crystal that is needed to be continuously powered. The BIOS settings are stored in a microchip that needs to be continuously powered to store the data continuously. So, when the battery drains completely, the time will stop, and the BIOS settings will reset as well. If you are wondering for a trustworthy company to buy the cell for the logic board MacBook, get in touch with us. FixFactor have the best and the longest-lasting cell, making sure that the bios and the time of your computer stay in place, and we provide the best MacBook logic board repair service.

Faulty Slots

Every logic board MacBook air has slots for I/O devices, peripherals, internal components, and more. But sometimes, these ports can get damaged. The device cannot work correctly without them, so it is essential to repair any damaged parts. The most important ports in a computer or a laptop are SATA ports, Ram ports, and display ports. And all these ports are directly attached to the motherboard. These ports are essential, so the motherboard repair cost is sometimes high for them. These ports do not get damaged because you don't need to repeatedly plug in and out of them. After all, they are inside the computer and are attached somewhat permanently. But sometimes, the ports can still stop working. Most of the time, there is carbon in the ports and sometimes dust as well. So, some cleaning with rubbing alcohol will do the trick for you. But if this does not work, then indeed, you can bring the motherboard to us, and we will repair it for you. E care about our customers so we have very affordable prices to make sure that everybody can afford them. So, if you need any laptop or computer motherboard repairing services, get in touch with us immediately. We will be delighted to help you out.