IT Services

IT Services

At FixFactor, we provide remote services so that the customer doesn’t have to come to our shop and fix the problem on their pc without putting a step out of the shop. Suppose you have problems with the drivers on your computer or laptop, or there is a network Lan problem on your server. Then you don’t need to unplug the server or the pc from the desk and bring it to us. You just need to install a team viewer or any desk on the system. We will get remote access to the system in this way, and we will perform tests and check the problem that you are facing, and we will remotely try to solve the problem.

Suppose The issue needs our physical attention. Then just bring the pc to us at your earliest convenience, and we will solve any problem with your system. We have 24/7 remote network management facilities like router management, switches, firewalls, servers, remote storage devices, etc.

Networking and Security

We are one of the leading remote IT services providing company. We can provide extensive support for your company. Now you don’t have to care about your server firewall or any of the security breaches. We have the 7th layer switches and the most advanced cyber breach prevention system. We provide 24/7 customer support for these services.

Hosting and Domains

As for the hosting is concerned, our hosting server has consisted of intel I7 10th Gen processors. Trident z 128 Gb ram. 12 terabytes of SSDs. In short, we have very fast servers in-house. You will never feel the urge to change the hosting afterward. Our hosting servers are in different countries. We have servers in Singapore, Canada, the USA, and many more. Our hosting servers never go down any repairs because we use quality products. We have the best brokers from GoDaddy who will get any domain for you in the best deal possible for the domain. You will not have to go through the hustle of moving from broker to broker with the motive of finding the best deal.