iPhone Charging Issue

iPhone Charging Issue

iPhones are built with great care and have a complex working system. They are not prone to have common issues easily. It has the best software optimization feature; users cannot find any lag in the performance. Now comes to its battery capabilities. It has a small battery, but it can last for the user's entire day. Moderate users enjoy long battery time and excellent software optimization. In simple words, the iPhone's battery is very good and consistent. However, over time this device may start giving you charging issues. These are some iPhone charging issues that you may face with this:

  • iPhone not changing sudden shutdown
  • Battery drains quickly
  • iPhone charger cable not working
  • Phone becomes hot while charging
  • Slow charging
  • Bad battery behavior after update

If you are facing this mentioned issue, don't be panic. You are not the only one who is facing this kind of problem with Apple devices. This is the Reason, FixFactor professional experts are here to help their clients. Whether a client has an iPhone, iPod, MacBook, Apple laptop, or any other android device, our experienced and highly qualified techs handle everything. All members and workers of this firm have decades of experience in this business. Experience and deep knowledge of advanced and old smart device's mechanisms, software, and hardware make us unique and famous among our consumers. Our clients trust and love us due to our remarkable repair, maintenance, and installation of replacement components.

Common Reason Why iPhone is Not Charging

There are a few common reasons that impact on phone's charging. However, it does not mean that the user should change or replace his old battery with a new one in case of any problem. Contact us for the most reliable solution and a way to manage this kind of trouble. Our trained technicians will diagnose the root cause and then suggest more suitable solutions to you. For our client's convenience, we are going to mention some common reasons that why iPhone wont charge:

Extra and Heavy Storage Apps:

Whenever any of its users notice that the battery of the iPhone 11 not charging or drains faster than ever, check the battery consumption of apps. For this purpose, you have to go to the settings>General>Battery>Battery usage. When you have done this process, you will see a list of all apps. Now the user can see how multiple apps are consuming the battery. First, try to delete or uninstall unnecessary and extra apps from the phone. A user can notice the performance of its devices after uninstalling those apps that are consuming a large portion of the battery

The Device Becomes Hot While Charging:

It is one of the major reasons for iPhone 12 not charging appropriately or causing any other problem like draining sudden shutdown, and more. If the device becomes hot when you plugged in, then quickly remove it from charging and allow it to cool down. If the user keeps continuing after noticing this issue, it means he wants more trouble. Turn off the device; if you are using iPhone 7 or iPhone 12, then press the power button and volume down button at the same time. Keep pressing buttons for at least 10 seconds and restart it. Remember that if the user is sharing Wi-Fi and making a phone hotspot, it rapidly consumes power and produces it, which causes damage. Follow these instructions when your iPhone 7 not charging or heating to avoid serious damage.

Charging Cables and Adapters:

Sometimes wire and wireless connections cause this issue. Check the charging cables and USB adapter carefully, check breakage and bents. Avoid using damaged accessories. Instead, use a wall power outlet, or try different outlets. Try to keep clean and maintain ports and slots; it will help you when any model of Apple phones or iPhone X is not charging. Instead of thinking about why my iPhone is not charging, check it carefully and avoid these mentioned things. After checking and doing everything, immediately contact us if you still found no way and still thinking about why my iPhone won't charge. Our experts will handle everything to save your precious time and money.

How to Fix Minor Charging Issues?

Minor issues happen when iOS device becomes dirty or damages charging port, wrong cable, or uncertified Apple adapter. Sometimes due to dirt, an iPhone charging port not working properly. Follow these instructions; it will help a lot:

  • Clean and remove all the debris
  • Restart the device
  • Try new and different USB cables or adaptor
  • Update iOS version
  • Hire us if nothing helps you!

When iPhone wireless charging is not working, charge it with the US cable that came with your device. It is advisable to clean all the ports and slots of your devices and take great care of them. People spend a significant amount of money buying Apple devices, so every owner of those gadgets must follow precautionary instructions and keep them clean. It will save both the time and money of devices owners.

How Can FixFactor Experts Help you?

When nothings help you, then bring your devices to authorized service providers who have deep knowledge about them and can handle any situation. We are proud to say that FixFactor professionals are authorized, experienced, and qualified to deliver excellent services. We can do everything for our clients from repair to maintenance and replacement. If someone suggests you replace the old battery with a new one, don't do this without consulting professionals. Some local repairs advise their customers to collect money from them. Their products are also not original, and Apple is authorized. Whether your port, cable, or any other component or feature is not working or when you are worried about why your iPhone 12 wireless charging is not working, then don't go anywhere; instead, choose us. We sell top-quality products, replacement components, USB cables, and adaptors. Contact us when your iPhone charger cable is not working; we will guide you and give quality cables to charge the mobile.