Console Repair Service

After computers, game consoles are the most used entertainment device in the world. It means many consoles deal with the wear and tear of the losses in games. Many things can happen to your game consoles usually. Sometimes there is just no display, sometimes there is the ring of death on your Xbox 360, Sometimes the ps4 heats up very much, so these are the types of issues a lot of the users of game consoles deal with daily. But at FixFactor, we have a solution for every single one of your problems. We provide the best consol repair.

We provide the best HDMI port repair in all of charlotte. Our company has an outstanding repair record. However, if your game console's fan runs like a turbo engine, the console is still very hot. Then there is no other issue than dust. Usually, the consoles are placed under the tv or in a cabin. These places accumulate a lot of dust, which then gets sucked into the vent of the game console, blocking the airflow. Our deep cleaning service will make your game console look like a new one, and the heating issue will be resolved.

Console Handle

You were playing a game, and you lose, then the most predictable thing to happen is that you will throw your console handle across the room. Then the game controller is going to break, and then you are going to regret your actions. No Problem. At FixFactor, we have experts who will help you no matter what. Whether the controller's joystick is drifting, wholly broken, or the wire is damaged, our technicians will take the controller from you, fix it and then return it. There is nothing that we can't fix. And if we can't fix it, no one can. So you better get a new controller.

We are here so you can get back to gaming. Whether it is a broken wire or just a tiny screw messing around, we are here to save your day. We know our stuff. It would be best if you never tried to fix your game controller by yourself because it has tiny parts that keep the controller working smoothly. If you lose only one piece, then you can make matters worse. Our expert technicians will make sure that nothing goes wrong during the repair process.

Joystick Repair

There are two types of joysticks. First is the type which is placed on your gamepad or controller. These types of joysticks are relatively easy to break. They have no resistance while moving, and your thumb only controls them. The joystick of a controller has four mechanical buttons on each bottom side of the joystick. Whenever the joystick is moved, the button is pleased, and it gives an input to the console, and this is the system that breaks when the joystick stops to respond to the movement. The second type of joystick is the one used in big gaming machines like in an arcade. These types of joysticks are very robust and are very hard to break. They are made for rough use and have a reasonably strong base. These joysticks have a little resistance when moving. However, they glide into place when left. The technicians at the FixFactor are trained very professionally, and they know their stuff. Whether you bring them a controller or a single joystick, they will surely fix it for you. So if your joystick is broken, don't play with it like that. Instead, please bring it to the shop and fix it so that your gaming experience can be made better.

PS4 and Xbox one Elite Controller

The controllers of the ps4 pro and Xbox one elite are a hell of a lot expensive. If you go to a local repairing shop, they will ask for a lot of money for a comparatively small repair, just because the controller itself is costly. But we are not like that we will make sure that our most expert technicians will take care of your stuff and fix it for you in no time. And the most crucial part is that we only charge our customers the right amount. We never overcharge our customers. Because we care about our customer's devices and their pocket, don't worry if the body of your controller is broken. We have the bodies of the controllers, which we can use to replace with the broken ones. We have skins as well, and if you don't want to change the original body, we can cover the damage with cool skin so the damage will be covered, and the controller will look more fantastic.

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  • Xbox one X 4k
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