Computer Repair

If you want to assemble the best computer of your life, then contact us for assistance. We have professional and experienced staff who will explain what is important for your computer and what is overkill. The worst part about making a pc by your self-making decisions like what kind of CPU to use. How much ram is necessary with the relevance of the CPU, how much hard drive I need. And all that stuff. There is another problem as well. When you begin assembling the pc, some of the places are very hard to reach, like installing the ram on an i9 10th gen with water cooling is very difficult. Cable management seems impossible. FixFactor have professional who will help you out with this.

Building PC

If you want to build a pc, then we can help you out with this. If you want to build a pc by using your parts, then that fine with us. We will help you assemble your pc most effectively and safely, so you don’t have to go through any posting problems. If you want us to choose the best parts for your pc, we can do that one as well. We will ask for your requirements and create the best pc for your needs.

Skilled Technicians

If your pc has any posting problems or the ram is not working fine, it has sound from the hard drive. The graphic card is overheating, or you want to apply new thermal paste, you are reading the right page. We can help you out with all of these problems. We have the most professional, efficient, and experienced staff who will fix all of these posting or hardware problems for your pc so you can get back to your work or gaming as soon as possible.