Chromebook Repair

Chromebook Repair

Chromebooks are tiny hand-held devices that are as same as laptops but just a little smaller. These devices are made by Google and have a particular google operating system. Companies use these to manage small tasks and in offices as well. If you own a Chromebook, you have a high chance that you have gone through a problem with it. Because these devices can become hot because they do not have any active cooling system, they are not upgradeable and pretty much just like a mobile phone. At FixFactor, we have technicians who are experts in chrome books. So, if you even get any issue with your Chromebook, you can type hp Chromebook repair near me. By doing this, you can find us on the very top page of google to get the repairing service for your Chromebook cracked screen. You can contact us from there, and we will be more than happy to fix your device for you.

What Can go Wrong with Your Devices?

Many things can go wrong with your device because devices are often used care, Lesly. So, here is a list of issues that can happen with your device, and we are glad to inform you that we repair all of them.

  • Cracked Screen
  • Fast Draining Battery
  • Water Damage
  • Malfunctioning Keyboard
  • Over Heating


The Chromebook has a tiny battery, but it does not have any active cooling system. It operates on a mobile phone processor, so it does not consume that much power and can last a day long if you use it extensively. But sometimes, degradation can catch up to you. And because of that, the device used to last a day may not last a couple of hours. In that case, replacing the battery of a chrome book can be very important. FixFactor offers very affordable and of the highest quality battery replacement services. Contact us by typing Chromebook repair near me, and we will be on the top page of google in front of you, and we will be more than happy to assist you.


The screen is the most delicate yet sensitive part of any electronic device. It helps you interact with your device, and when it breaks, there is not much you can do with your device. The only option left is to get a Chromebook broken screen replacement from a repair shop, and sometimes the screen does not get damaged and only the glass breaks, then you can get away with only Chromebook screen repair. It cost very little because the screen used in them is very readily available. So, if you want to get your device fixed, then type hp Chromebook repair near me, and you will find companies who can help you fix the Chromebook screen. You can find a reasonable Chromebook screen repair cost quote from us!

Water Damage

Water damage is a perilous threat to a device. Children do this kind of damage most of the time because adults take care of their phones. But sometimes, the luck is not on your side, so you spill some coffee on your phone. When this happens, make sure to turn your device off immediately and remove the battery as well. If you are capable of it, it will minimize any short-circuit chance, which causes the device to die. There are not many companies but there that can fix water damage. But we can do that for you because we have experts to fix Chromebook the screen and other damages.

Over Heating

There are two cooling mechanisms in an electronic device (Active Cooling and (Passive Cooling). Passive cooling, these device uses a condenser and a fan to dissipate the heat of the device. This method is very efficient, and standard computers and laptops use this system, but it uses more power and adds thickness to the device. The passive cooling system does not have any moving parts in the system. It does not use any fans. It only contains a condenser over the CPU with some thermal paste, but sometimes it is missing. So, this can cause the device o to heat up when it is put on your lap for hours on end. We can fix this issue of your device in just a tiny amount of time because we care about your time. Soi, get in our shop right now.

Malfunctioning Keyboard

The keyboard used in a Chromebook is tiny and compact, so it is very delicate and has very few moving parts. The standard keyboard is easy to repair. Still, because the Chromebook is very compact, changing the keyboard gets as complicated as google Chromebook screen replacement or a hp chrome book screen replacement. We will have to remove the keyboard from the device, and it is challenging to reach because we must remove the backplate and then the whole logic board. After all, the keyboard of a Chromebook is accessible from the inside and not from the outside. So, it goes much effort and diagnosing in the repairing of an electronic device. We repair the Chromebook's keyboard with the original replacement parts so you will not have any issues down the road. FixFactor Staffs professional and trained employees who are highly trained and have years of experience. They make sure to deliver the best customer experience to our clients.