When does the iPhone 14 Come Out?

Every model of the iPhone surprises users due to its high-end technology, functions, hardware, and advanced features. We have heard tons of things about this new model's design, size, color, camera, etcetera. Undoubtedly, Apple smartphones have the best quality processors, RAM, hardware, camera features, and more. People are always waiting for Apple's new releases. So, everyone hopes they will get an amazing design of a new model this year with advanced features. But what about the prices and release date of an upcoming iOS? Did the iPhone 14 come out?

Usually, this company launches new series at the end of the year, mostly in September. It means a few months are left in iPhone 14 release. People have been waiting for the next iPhone release since Apple launched its last model. This company will launch this device between September 16 and September 24, 2022. Usually, this firm tends to announce its new models on the first or second Tuesday of September and officially launch them ten or fifteen days later. They launch their devices at the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino or California a 10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm GMT/4 am AEST. Consumers who want to know about it or think about when iPhone 14 comes out must read this informative blog till the end.

How does the iPhone 14 Look Like?

Every design of this device is eye-catching. Suppose we say that every version has its own unique and sleek style that we are not wrong. Nevertheless, the future iPhone 14 series looks similar to the 13 series. According to some rumors, they have an i-shaped horizontal hole-punch cutout and come with narrow borders around the screen for a clearer look. If we talk about its color, pro versions will come with matte finish colors and non-pro with a glossy finish. Some leaks show that it comes with 5 to 6 hues. Midnight, red, sky blue, starlight, and purple are the expected shades. There are more chances that it comes in purple color. It is an additional shade. In pro versions of this series, graphite silver, gold, and purple are almost expected hues.

Moreover, the new series is expected to come with a titanium alloy chassis design. The first time this material was used for the Apple watch, but now it will be used to make this model. It is more scratch-resistant, stronger, and corrosion-resistant.

Is there an iPhone 14 using VC thermal system? It is unclear to us. However, according to the news, Apple is working on improving the best cooling system for the device, using a vapor chamber thermal system for better working. This system will be required for high-end iPhones because they work with stronger computing power and faster 5G connection speeds. It is expected that users will get newer iPhone 14 features and functionality this year.

Expected and Rumored iPhone 14 New Features

Touch ID

Recent news indicated that this version would bring under-display touch ID, which no longer appears on the case. This option is not expected as the iPhone new features iOS 14.

Port Less

Once, it was rumored in 2021 that Apple would introduce a completely wireless or portless version, but it did not happen. So, there are more chances that the new model will come like this. May this version be available without a lightning port. Instead, it may support wireless charging and may use MagSafe technology.

No Camera Bumps

No Camera Bumps

According to the makers, some models of this series will not have camera bumps. In the past version, the bump was present because of the thin design, but now it is expected that the design will be thicker and have no camera bumps. It may become one of the latest iPhone iOS 14.5 features.

No Notch

This feature will be the biggest change that all users expect. This feature was first introduced in the X series, and it has stayed the same since then. You can see this notch where sensors are present such as Face ID. Authorized Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that manufacturers dropped this feature this year. According to him, it will change into a punch-hole design.

A16 Chip

An authorized analyst says this series will get a new and faster A16 chip. He said that the non-pro version would use the same A15 chip used in the past models. However, pro models of the year will use A16. It will be the third major enhancement of the 5-nanometer family this year.

Car Crash Detection

The company is working on this feature for both the smart mobile and watch. Sensors like accelerometers will be used to detect car accidents when they occur, measuring the spike in gravitational force. With this technology, it will be possible whenever an accident occurs with the help of this feature, the phone or watch automatically dial the emergency services to get help.

Satellite Connectivity

This version will use Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem, which is known as the world's first 10 Gigabit 5G modem and antenna system for smart devices. This system enables satellite connectivity features, and alongside the modem, this company plans to implement satellite-based emergency options. This system will allow users to text emergency services and contacts using a satellite network when cellular pr wi-fi signals are unavailable. Is not it an excellent option? We are waiting to use or enjoy this change in new sets!

No Physical SIM Slot

This year may series will launch without the physical SIM slot option. There is a chance that this option and eSIM functionality are only sold in specific areas or according to consumers' preferences. It may happen because this technology is not available in all countries. That is why it may be an optional characteristic.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to say about iPhone 14 features and release, but we sum up the crucial information about it in this article to help readers who are keenly waiting for its launch this year. We hope that Apple will surprise us this year by launching or adding interesting, useful features in new models in 2022.