How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

Our experts keep on listening to the question from our customers. Therefore, here, the detailed expert's opinion about the matter is important to share so that the customers do not get worried when their handset faces any problem. Though, there are many ways to sort out the issue that customers often face with their cellphones. Nevertheless, here we will let the customers know about some new tricks and shortcuts that can help them put the iPhone in recovery mode immediately. Before going into details about the methods of solutions, it is essential to know what is iPhone recovery mode; it is a method in the IOS device that is in the different touch mobile, and if that does not work, it becomes difficult to use the cell properly for the users. However, with the help of recovery mode, it becomes easy to do iOS update.

Now, let us know about the short clues that are essential shortcuts to know for everyone:

1- The initial thing to do is to activate the lock screen of the iPhone. 

2- The best way to turn the iPhone into recovery mode is to press and keep holding the side button. After that, also hold the volume button at the same time. Then, you can be able to do what you have been trying for a long time. 

3- Keep holding the volume button and the side button for a maximum of four or five seconds. 

4- After that, plug the iPhone into the PC and make sure that iTunes is running correctly. 

5- There is another step to follow to get the cellphone in recovery mode; the user has to release the home screen button when he finds that iTunes has been connected to the screen. In that way, one can easily place the cell on the retrieved method. 

Another most repeated question is how to get iPhone out of recovery mode. If anyone is facing that kind of issue, he can deal with it very quickly by following some steps. The following steps, in this regard, can be helpful for the users whose mobiles are stuck in a specific mood and now want to get rid of that. Here, we will let you know the top five solutions that can best guide you to recover the mobile. However, it is also recommended that, if the suggestions still do not work, the easy way is to get access from a well-reputed company where its experts must have any solution to fix the problem without damaging the stored data in the handset.  

1- There is some software available on the market, and with the help of any of that software, one can quickly get his iPhone recovery mode out of it. 

2- By using that software, the user cannot lose the data, which can be necessary for the user. 

3- You must insert the phone with the software and ensure the mobile is connected to the computer. 

4- The next step is to click on the exit/ enter retrieved mode, then move to click on the next to continue the process. In that way, the user can be able to find the next option, which is the exit from the recovery mode iPhone

5- Once the abovementioned process is completed, check the handset carefully. 

Why Does not iPhone Restore During the Recovery Mode? 

You must know that your iPhone will not restore in recovery mode because of many reasons. The first step is to keep repeatedly trying because if the telephone iTunes is not catching the cellphone, it can take some time; therefore, you must show patience to sort out the problem. Typically, the process can take more than fifteen minutes. Another step is to use the original iPhone cable because any other USB cannot be compatible with your cell. In addition, the Find mood is also one of the reasons that hamper the restoration in repossessed condition. Furthermore, by entering the DFU mode, the cellphone can be restored. However, many customers face difficulties by taking any step by themselves to correct the problem. And those customers, they should not deal with the cell if they are not sure how the online guidance can follow properly. 

Get Help from Experts

After following the steps mentioned earlier, if the iPhone restore mode is still not activated, you should consult a qualified person with a long-time experience in the specific work. Get professional service from the FixFactor for any Apple support. We will deal with such kind of matter efficiently. We sort out all the brand mobile-related problems, including the problem of the apple logo stuck. Therefore, it is good for the customers to call us if their phone faces any issues. There will be no delay in repairing the customer's cell phones. In addition to that, the charges for the service will be very cost-efficient that can be affordable for all people. 

The Easy Way to Access with Us

If you are facing any problem with reset iPhone on your own, the better way is to get access to a master who knows what the problem is actually the set is facing. Many service providers in the city offer assistance in renovating the iPhone. Nevertheless, many of them, still do not have the required facilities to help their customers. They ask the people to leave their phones at their shop for some days to get repaired, but after some days, they ask the users to wait for more days. It happens because many shops do not have the prerequisite materials and experts to solve the problems. Therefore, they keep delaying the work until they get the product from any other shop. Therefore, if your iPhone restores mode is not working, and you want to avoid any unnecessary delay, feel free to ask us for speedy assistance.